Gelpax distributor therapy gel packs are the best wholesale longest lasting therapy hot cold gel packs available. Reusable hot cold compress can be heated in hot water or a microwave for therapy. These wholesale gel packs are comfortable and durable and can be heated many times. The gel pack can be customized. Ideal for therapy, treating arthritis, sporting events, or staying warm on a cool day. The gelpax therapy gel packs are used for treating physical therapy arthritis. Our custom gel pack and therapy gel packs are therapeutic and distribute heat evenly. Portable heat and cold is the key behind our hot packs. Manufacturer gel packs can be customized and used for a variety of applications and the distributor is If you are looking for relief from back aches, arthritis, cold aching muscles, and need some heat, then gelpax distributor manufacturer and distributor of therapy packs are for you. Hot cold gel packs provide comfort. Therapy chiropractor gel packs are hot for arthritis. The dental hot cold packs are therapeutic, reduce swelling and can be custom printed. We distribute and manufacturer dental hot and cold gel packs for therapy treatment. Physiotherapist hot gel packs provide comfort relief from arthritis. Gel packs are used by physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist, dental, health spa, sports therapist, dermatologist and retail.  Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of hot cold gel packs and ice packs. We wholesale distributor top quality hot cold packs to all industries. Custom sizes for arthritis, dental treatment, physiotherapists, chiropractor, therapy. Our gel pack wholesale distributor network is international. Contact the wholesaler for gel pack distributor questions. Gel packs, custom gel packs, arthritis, hot cold therapy, physiotherapist, hot pack, gel pack, therapeutic, dental, hot packs, cold packs, arthritis, distributor, manufacturer, wholesale, ice pack, hot cold compress, gelpax, chiropractor, wholesaler.

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         Gelpax Therapy


Gelpax Therapy brand packs are made of specially formulated gel and are designed with the dual purpose of providing hot / cold therapy. Our wide selection of sizes makes them the ideal choice for treatment by: physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentists, health spas, sports therapists and health care providers.



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The Gelpax Advantage

Professional Quality hot / cold therapy gel packs

We supply Gelpax Therapy packs to:


· Physiotherapists

· Chiropractors

· Dentists

· Health care providers

· Health Spas

· Dermatologists



Buying Gelpax Therapy Packs

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Best Quality Hot / Cold

Therapy Gel Packs

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